The fastest-growing economy sectors are now creating demand for unique, interdisciplinary education. While superbly trained specialists in both science: engineering, media and art are now readily available in Poland, the market lacks generalists with competencies to integrate those specialist areas and cooperate with specialists with various skills and knowledge.

The master’s programme is expected to last four terms, with the first three terms encompassing lectures as well as laboratory and workshop courses.

Technology modules:

  • Telecommunications technologies
  • Computer science (programming: multimedia analysis, indexation and compression, applied mathematics for multimedia)
  • Acoustics and electroacoutics, studio technology (registration, processing, storing and  sharing of sound, images and image sequences, including 3D)

Design modules:

  • visual arts (painting, graphics, photography, film) in multimedia formats
  • acoustics – sound direction in multimedia, music in multimedia formats

Management modules:

  • Communications, marketing, leaderships and creative team building, management of creative projects, intellectual property – including legal protection and commercialization


Students will be assigned to interdisciplinary groups for their diploma projects during the first study term.

Case study workshops, courses in professional English vocabulary and e-learning courses will be included in the three first terms.

The fourth study term will be devoted to diploma project preparation, with students groups working independently. It is expected for the students to have developed particular specializations within the study programme, so that the projects will be varied with focus on either design, technology and management. We are planning to include market potential verification of the project proposal.


The precondition the partake in this master’s course is at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.